Top 6 dishes in Taiwan


Taiwan is known as a culinary paradise for tourists everywhere. It is not complete when you “close your eyes and ignore” the rich dishes of indigenous flavor when you arrive in Taiwan. Quickly glance at your pocket and immediately list a list of 6 delicious Taiwanese dishes that are hard to resist when you have to reveal them!

1. Beef noodles

Beef noodle is the common name for the type of noodles, but depending on the store, each region, the material as well as the taste will be different. In particular, this dish is exclusively for spicy fans, because when you add a spicy spicy Sichuan style to it, the flavor of the dish will be complete and turn on the feature (peace of mind, if not spicy food. , you can still order a bowl without chili). This dish is actually very simple, only afraid of fresh and chewy noodles, tender beef and broth served with sweet and sour pickles, but the taste is very delicate and moderate.

The bowl of beef noodles is eye-catching, its spicy and rich taste – this is a typical dish of Taiwan. @Internet

Some places you can enjoy beef noodles: Yongkang Beef Noodles, Lao Wang Beef Noodles (No. 15 Dao Vien Street), Mama Zhang Beef Noodles (媽媽 張), Lam Dong Phuong Beef Noodles (林東芳 牛肉 麵, address 八 德 路 二段 274 號 Taipei, 104).

2. Bubble milk tea

Taiwanese milk tea has long become a hallmark when it comes to the cuisine of this country. Chun Shui Tang and Hanlin are two tea shops that both claim to have invented this drink, further confirming the “birthplace” position of the ten thousand drink lovers: Taiwan’s milk tea.

Chui Shui Tang has always been one of the “hot” names of Taiwanese milk tea. @Internet

Milk tea has a very sophisticated preparation and transformation, almost a hundred formulas. However, Taiwanese milk tea is the most pristine and traditional form of this drink, including only tea mixed with aromatic fat milk, with chewy pearls that are very appetizing. It is this no-fussy fact that makes Taiwan’s milk tea taste very different, easy to drink and especially, if you need to refresh after a day of leisurely exploring everywhere, this is a “panacea” for it’s your body

Although not a milk tea fan, you should also try it when you come to Taiwan. @Internet

Some famous milk tea shops you can visit: Chung Shui Tang (No. 30, Siwei Street, Tainan), 50 Lan (50 嵐), TenRen’s Tea (天人 名茶), Comebuy, LATTEA (綠 蓋 茶館), Tran Tam Dinh Milk Tea 陳三鼎 (National Taiwan University area)…

3. Ji Pai – Fried Chicken in Taiwan style

Do you fall in love with the fried chicken at Taiwanese chicken shops? So do not miss this dish when arriving at its “origin”! Chicken layer coat but not too thick, seasoned with its own, often with spicy. The crispy batter dough wrapped inside the chicken is still soft and sweet is the point to knock the customers down. In addition to Jipai, many other fried dishes such as chicken thighs, squid, pho, chicken heart, string beans … are also marinated according to this flavor.

You can easily find this dish at night markets in Taiwan or many chicken shops in Taiwan. @Internet

4. Tofu

Among Taiwanese dishes, this is probably the most “smelling” candidate, and also the most fussy about people, because if not “in agreement”, you will even panic to run when you see it. Rotten tofu, also known as chou tofu, is actually fresh tofu that is fermented with fermented milk brine, or soaked with vegetables, bean juice … depending on where there will be different ways. together. When coming to Taiwan, especially if you go on a tour, you will definitely hear about this Taiwanese dish at least once. Anyone who can’t eat will be scared and “hello”, but a lot of people become “addicted” to this smelly dish. Even a lot of people said that the more it … rotten, the better.

This is a street food, the price is not expensive, so you can easily find it in the streets of Taiwan cuisine or the night streets. Do not worry if you do not know the specific address, its “scent” will attract you to a very close radius.

Shenzhen Old Town, a few kilometers west of Taipei City, is the place to go to rotten tofu or famous street food.

5. Danzi Noodles

Tainan City is famous for Danzi pasta, a type of noodles with pork, eggs and shrimp. Food has a long history since 1895, invented by street vendor Hong Yu Tou. Danzi is a type of water noodles, often sold in street shops or night markets, so it is often called “street food noodles”. Golden pasta, cooked with minced pork, cakes and eggs; If you like, you can use it with herbs, herbs and cilantro.

This Taiwanese dish is famous mainly because of the broth made from shrimp and minced meat, and depending on the “elaborate” of the cook, it will match gold, sweet fat and taste or not.

Danzi with pasta, minced meat, shrimp and eggs. @Internet

6. Xiao long bao

Xiao long bao is a famous dimsum dish of Taiwanese, if you are a “big fan” of dimsum restaurants, this is the right dish for you. Small dragon fruit is served with a little pink vinegar and a few pieces of ginger, the sourness of vinegar mixed with the warm spicy of ginger helps to awaken the taste buds of diners to fully enjoy the sweetness of the flesh and the rich taste. of the soup inside.

The “secret weapon” of this “small but martial” dish is in the meat soup that was previously frozen. When added to the steaming, the soups will melt, blending with the meat to create an irresistible flavor and flavor.

The interesting thing about eating it is to enjoy the sweetness of the soup that flows inside and melts in the mouth. @Internet

Xiao long bao is associated with the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant chain in Taiwan – if you have the opportunity to come here to enjoy this Taiwanese specialties! Ding Tai Fung has many branches in Taipei, but the most popular and easiest is the Branch In Taipei 101, MRT Dongmen and Taipei City Hall.

The culinary story of Taiwan will surely be a constant story, so what are you waiting for?

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