Top 6 delicious dishes in Phu Quoc, Viet Nam


Phu Quoc, Viet Nam attracts a large number of tourists every year not only because of the beautiful sea paradise but also thanks to the extremely rich world of cuisine, especially the quality of seafood is hard to match. Below are the delicious Phu Quoc dishes. You have to arrange a time and schedule a meal to be able to fully enjoy the quintessence of the sky at this place. It is best not to miss any of the great culinary offerings suggested below.

1. Phu Quoc Seafood

Ham Ninh crab

Ham Ninh is a coastal fishing village located in the east of Phu Quoc island most famous for its specialty of crabs. Speaking of crabs, you must remember Ca Mau but crabs must be standard Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc. Ham Ninh’s crab meat is firm, sweet, and fragrant, and it only has to be steamed to the lemon with pepper and salt. This is the dish most in seafood parties of tourists coming to Phu Quoc.


  • Blue Sea Restaurant in Lo 47, Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc
  • Ham Ninh crab shop – Salt Pepper at 112 Bach Dang, Phu Quoc
Steamed crab with salted pepper and lemon pepper. @ P2Vinh

Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber is a dish containing many nutrients and high-quality from the sea. In Phu Quoc, people often call the sea yard suddenly or gossip. Crunchy, delicious and rare, the price of sea cucumber is quite high. But the delicious taste of this dish in Phu Quoc still urges diners to try at least once.

Address: Duong To, Phu Quoc

Sea cucumber rare and nutritious. @ Thien Thanh Kitchen

Crab blood pudding

Have you ever heard of crab soup? A unique, strange and very famous dish in Phu Quoc. Crabs used as blood pudding must be bricked. Each dish is usually 4-5 best crabs including crab meat, coriander, perilla, basil, cinnamon leaves, peanuts and especially white crabs removed from crab feet. Those who are gourmet and love to explore local cuisine definitely cannot miss this Phu Quoc specialties.

Address: Quan Ra Khoi – 131/4/4, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

Crab blood pudding is a specialty dish not everyone knows. @Internet


Snail in Phu Quoc is famous for its thick meat and is very fragrant when grilled or fried with salt and chili. This is a dish found in most menus at popular eateries to fine restaurants.


  • Blue Sea Restaurant – Ham Ninh Bridge, Ham Ninh Town
  • Snails 343 – 343 Street 30/4, KP 1, TT Duong Đong
  • Me Seafood Restaurant – Located in Dinh Cau night market – Vo Thi Sau

Sea urchin

Sea urchin, also known as sea urchin or sea urchin, is very nutritious and rare. Phu Quoc people and tourists often eat sea bream live with mustard. Meat and eggs are both sweet, fat and fragrant like crab bricks, but the flavor is very special, must try to feel it. It can be said that sea meat and eggs are an extremely addictive product for seafood enthusiasts. In addition to eating raw nhumery, it is also cooked porridge, grilled around fire with onion fat. What type of sea processing is delicious.


  • Blue Sea Restaurant – Ham Ninh Bridge, Ham Ninh Town
  • Snails 343 – 343 Street 30/4, KP 1, TT Duong Đong
  • Me Seafood Restaurant – Located in Dinh Cau night market – Vo Thi Sau
When cooked and sprinkled with onion fat, the dish is delicious. @ giadai

Melaleuca mushroom

In Phu Quoc, famous mushroom melaleuca seafood soup is both delicious and refreshing. Melaleuca fungus is only available around March and April of the lunar calendar under wet litter. However, the life cycle of mushrooms is only about 1 month so the number is not much, so that is rare and expensive. The price of Melaleuca mushroom is about 150k / kg. After eating mushroom soup, if diners drink water, there will be a little bitterness in the mouth but this is also one of the points that many people like and remember the taste of this dish.


  • Ngan Ha seafood_on Tran Hung Dao street, opposite to Ngoc Hien pearl showroom
  • Bien Hai Quan – Coastal Seafoods – Group 1, Ganh Dau Hamlet, Ganh Dau Commune
Mushroom soup is nutritious and refreshing for summer days. @Internet

Snakehead fish, herring

These are 2 rustic specialties of Phu Quoc but extremely stimulating taste. Most of the waters are barracuda, slender, smooth scales, along with black spots on the back. However, barracudas are more special in Phu Quoc due to the environmental conditions of raising fish. Phu Quoc barracuda is usually large, its flesh is firm, fragrant and sweet, and is good for health.

Barracudas must be fresh, snakehead fish fillet, thinly sliced, add yellow onion, and fragrant onions. Salad with fish sauce, add chili garlic, lemon juice and roasted peanuts into an amber mixture. Dots and fish sauce to where, delicious food to remember life there.

Fish salad is attractive from appearance to taste. @ jane_tran_1507

In addition, barracudas are also eaten raw with lemon and mustard, making grilled fish, turmeric or dried fish extremely delicious when served with white rice. Dried barracuda is also a specialty that many tourists buy as gifts.

Herring salad must be made from fresh fish and fillet. Dipping fish sauce is also mixed like barracuda salad, but the sour taste is vinegar made from ripe guava fruits that bring the true flavor of Phu Quoc herring package. Get some fish salad, raw vegetables, green bananas, star fruit, grated coconut and a little onion and then use rice paper to dip sauce. Strange flavor delicious mouth to daze. Salad with herring and barracuda must be added to the menu of meals in Phu Quoc.


  • Vuon Tao Restaurant – Cua Lap, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc
  • Trung Duong Marina Restaurant – Street 30/4, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
Add some grated coconut to create a delicious aroma. @ jerrybi84

2. Tet cake

A gift brought from Phu Quoc with an extravagant cracker is nothing more precious. In Can Tho, people use broccoli leaves, in Phu Quoc, they use bitter leaf. The cake consists of delicious glutinous rice, mung bean fat fat and especially rice must be mixed with pineapple juice and leaves to create a natural aroma, not using coconut water like some other localities.

Tet cakes wrapped with kidney leaves. @Zing News

3. Crab rice

Crab rice is a delicious Phu Quoc dish of the locals. After this, the dish has both beautiful color and delicious taste, so it has become a favorite dish of tourists from everywhere.

Fragrant white muscle, boiled crab meat is both sweet and firm, has additional chicken egg yellow, aromatic fried nose together is dzách number. A plate of fried rice served with spicy spicy soy sauce and a little sour food, cilantro, is both delicious and full of stomach and lingers forever on Phu Quoc flavor. Just full of seafood and then downgrade with a plate of fried rice is the standard post.

Phu Quoc crab rice. @Cleverfood

4. Fish ball soup

Fish cake is a famous dish of Phu Quoc that is very famous, breakfast or night is also delicious. Spring rolls made from fresh mackerel should be both chewy and sweet, scented rice cake, fragrant hot broth into a dish that is both simple and unforgettable. Each restaurant will have a variation of their own, they can add jellyfish, pineapple slices or tomatoes or fresh fish but all are specialties of the sea. Comes with a bowl of soup cake is Phu Quoc fish sauce with spicy hot peppers, happy to eat the whole mouth.


  • Phung Banh Canh – No. 27, Quarter 2, Bach Dang Street, Duong Dong Town (near Dinh Cau), Phu Quoc
  • Hanh soup – Bach Dang street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc
  • Le Giang Restaurant – 289 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
  • Quoc Anh Fish Roll Cake Shop – 30/4 Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
With 1$ you have a delicious Phu Quoc soup bowl. @iHay

5. Noodle

Noodle with many tourists is still very strange. This is a delicious Phu Quoc dish that is not sold as much as fish cake soup, but only local families cook in the house. A delicious bowl of noodles includes fresh vermicelli, raw vegetables, shaved papaya and cucumber. The most important is the broth with ingredients including pureed fish pureed meat and coconut fat fat coconut. The bowl of noodles has an eye-catching yellow color, the soup is fragrant, the paste is very viscous, it is already craving.

Soup with freshly finely grilled fish, strange mouth. @Guu

6. Sim wine

Sim wine can be considered a famous specialty in Phu Quoc. Sims have 2 types: sim pink and primary sim. Phu Quoc Sim wine is made from sim persimmon fruit because of its characteristic aroma, more sugar than small sim, sweet and bitter flavor and has pigment of antoxyanozit, tannin.

This wine has the effect of supporting the digestive system, avoiding abdominal pain, avoiding indigestion and especially circulating blood, helping to eat appetite, sleep well …


  • Bay Gao sim wine – 124/4/4/4, KP1, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
  • Sim Son Wine – Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc
A bitter, aromatic and healthy wine if consumed in adequate amounts daily. @phuquoctv

Wish you have a perfect journey to conquer the delicious Phu Quoc mon successfully!

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