Solvang – ‘Danish flavor’ in American soil


The Solvang village – the beautiful “little Denmark” in America is always full of sunshine as its name suggests, attracting anyone when arriving. Everything here, from architecture, culture, art, and the way of life of the people, is bold in Danish color creating its own characteristic.

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Located in Santa Barbara County, California, USA, Solvang in Danish means “Sunny Field” with a population of more than 5,000 people. The village was built in 1911 by a group of Danish immigrants who wanted to find a warm place to avoid the bitter winter in Central America. But it wasn’t until 1939 that Solvang attracted the attention of visitors after the visit of Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Ingrid. In 1947, it became a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world after an article was published in the Saturday Evening Post.

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Solvang has no skyscrapers, most of the houses in town are low-rise built in traditional Danish architecture. The visible architecture in the houses is multicolored rectangular, square or triangular wooden frames with a Nordic-style pointed roof to prevent snow. Many houses here have a lifespan of more than 400 years and are always preserved and taken care of, creating a unique beauty for Solvang. In particular, most of the houses here are used for business purposes, so it is not difficult for you to find restaurants, pastry shops with Danisa brand, coffee shops, antique shops, souvenirs. …

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Solvang’s central area with countless colorful flower beds creates a very lively landscape. This place is not very large, but there are 4 typical Danish windmills. In addition, the master architects also built a tower that is a perfect replica of the very famous Rundertarn Tower in Copenhagen. And yet, they also “copy the original” a mermaid statue sitting overlooking the sea on a rock in Copenhagen’s Langilinic harbor, and put it in a solemn position in the center of town …

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Walking around the small streets in Solvang, you can easily see that not only the architecture, art, culture but also the way of life of the people here are imbued with the spirit of Denmark. Many services in Solvang are named “Viking” – the ancestor of the Scandinavian people, including the three countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. If you come to Solvang on the right September festival, you can also immerse yourself in food, music, dance and procession competitions with parades, orchestras, dancers …

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If you don’t like walking on the street, climb onto the old-fashioned tram to roam around the city. Or ride on gorgeous gilded wagons pulled on huge white horse or rent four-seat bikes or electric skateboards for a tour of Solvang. This beautiful town used to be the setting for many famous Hollywood movies, including Sideways – received four nominations and won an Oscar for Best Screenplay Adaptation in 2004.

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After visiting the famous tourist attractions, visit the Danish pastry shops to enjoy the freshly baked baked goods, famous in this town! It will be great if you take some time, sit and sip a cup of coffee on the side of the road, or make a delicious, cool Danish beer. And don’t forget to taste all the flavors of Cali and buy a few bottles as gifts for your loved ones.

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