Singapore Changi Airport: Things you should know


Changi – Singapore’s main airport is an experience not to be missed, as it is consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world. Whether you pause to connect, or arrive or leave Singapore, be sure to take a moment to explore all four terminals, there is always activities to do at all hours at the four terminals of the platform fly.

In the decades since it opened in 1981, Changi Airport has turned into a highlight of Singapore. Recognized as the world’s best airport, for years in a row, Changi Airport has been known for its innovative services and some truly exciting entertainment, like a four-story slide and a clear waterfall. The world’s tallest home at the newly launched Jewel Changi Airport. Let’s explore this world-class airport right in the article below!

A few things you need to know before you arrive at Changi Airport

Changi Airport. Photo:@internet

Changi Airport has four separate terminals: T1, T2, T3 and T4. The first three terminals are more closely interconnected, via Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport, a multi-purpose commercial and entertainment complex.

The terminals are arranged upside down U U; starting with T3 in the west, T1 in the north, T2 in the east and T4 in the southeast. Look at the map of Changi airport here.

The fifth terminal, T5, is currently under construction across from Terminal 4 and could be completed in the early 2030s.

Visitors to Changi Airport can download the iChangi smartphone app to help them navigate the airport on the spot, with access to flight times, shopping and dining information, maps and updates, and even more Free WiFi extension lice. Download on Apple iTunes or on Google Play.

How to travel from the airport to Singapore city center

Changi Airport’s location in northeastern Singapore allows guests to reach the city center within 40 minutes of leaving their flight. From Changi Airport, travelers can travel to the rest of Singapore through one of the following transportation options:

Bus: bus stops in the basements of T1, T2 and T3 provide direct access to Singapore. Your best bet is Bus No. 36, which loop from the airport to Marina Bay district, Orchard Road and back. The bus accepts exact changes, but it is much more convenient to use an EZ-Link card from the MRT station at T2, if you are looking to travel further around Singapore in the coming days.

Subway: A metro station at T2’s basement provides direct train access to the rest of Singapore. Visit the official SMRT page to learn more about Singapore’s subway network or download the SMRTConnect smartphone app on Apple iTunes or for Android.

Taxi: The taxi counter is accessible just outside of Changi’s arrivals terminal. Fares are measured, with an additional surcharge added for airport access and late night travel. Read about taxis at Changi Airport.

Car rental: Hertz and Avis operate an efficient car rental service for tourists who want to drive themselves around the island.

Where to shop in Changi airport

Shopping at Changi airport. Photo:@internet

Singaporeans are crazy about shopping, making Changi Airport one of the country’s hottest shopping destinations. The four terminals of Changi Airport and the Jewel Changi Airport Complex have more than 550 shops – selling duty-free electronics, alcohol, cigarettes, and high fashion.

You can even shop from these stores before you get to the airport. Just go to iShopChangi and buy your favorite items online, then pick them up at the departure terminal of your choice.

Here are a few highlights from Changi’s store selection:

A comprehensive duty free shopping mall at T4 allows you to shop for both cosmetics and strong drinks from either Shilla Duty-Free or DFS Wines & Spirits, then pay for it in a single transaction.

The newly opened Jewel Changi Airport Complex houses Southeast Asia’s largest Nike store. Covering 10,700 square feet, the Changi Airport Nike store allows shoppers to explore the full value of the world’s rock and fitness apparel. The Nike superheroes can even make their own designer shoes at the Nike By You area.

The DFS Winery (T2-T3) covers an area of ​​more than 15.5 thousand square meters, two floors and three different store concepts: the Wine Reserve, Whiskey House and Cigar Room.

While shopping sessions across the four terminals feature electronics and computer brands such as Apple, Samsung and Sprint-Cass, there is no Changi Airport electronics store, E-Utility in T4 – where they are. sell drones, you can even test them in a special mesh area!

Bring home an authentic taste of Singapore culture. Food outlets such as Asia Favorites (T2), Bee Cheng Hiang (T1) and Taste Singapore (T1 & T4) sell sauces, local delicacies and other family dishes, conveniently packed for transport. moved home. At Jewel Changi Airport, stop at Supermama to find household items with Singapore and Japanese design elements; or Naise Iconic for quirky craft items.

Duty Free Shopping: Before your flight, you can redeem the taxed 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) when shopping in Singapore at the departure lounge; The Electronic Travel Completion Scheme (eTRS) simplifies the entire process.

ETRS self-help kiosks at Changi Airport allow you to add up your purchases and calculate your refund; You can exchange your refund at the refund counter in the departure lounge.

Where to eat and drink at Changi airport

Eat and drink at Changi airport. Photo:@internet

Offering national culinary perfection of hawker hubs, Singapore’s Changi Airport houses over 200 food and beverage outlets, including a wide selection from vegan food to Japanese to Singapore classics. You will find the complete list of food and drink shops here. Highlights include:

SORA Japan Gourmet Food Hall (T2) is Changi’s largest food store, with seats for 300 diners across 7,700 sq ft of space. Six Japanese restaurant brands serve favorites like sashimi, okonomiyaki, and fusion cuisine.

Going to the food courts of Changi Airport you will be sure to be confused with the options: The International Cuisine Hall (T4) has 9 small restaurants, from fast food to contemporary Asian food; and Food Emporium (T4) focusing on Asian and Singaporean cuisines.

The Long Bar by Raffles (T3) is an extension of the Raffles Hotel bar in downtown Singapore. Order a Singapore Sling (invented at the original Long Bar) or one of their nine other old school cocktails.

Heritage Site (T4) is where you love Singaporean cuisine, like kaya toast, chicken rice and curry chicken, served from the shops set in a wall made to look like the neighborhood shops.

Public facilities at Changi Airport

Free Wifi

Like other airports, Changi Airport also offers free wifi, however, instead of directly entering a password or entering some information to log in, you have to go to the information counter to get the password from the staff. Each of these passwords will let you use the wifi for 3 hours.

Canteen area for staff at the airport

If you are fed up with fast food like Mc Donald, Buger King, or western food or limited budget, there is still a super cheap staff canteen area that, if you want, passengers can still. to eat.

Free movie theaters

It is also one of the things that makes Changi Airport one of the most popular airports. The booth is available 24/7 for any visitor to Changi airport, especially it’s FREE, nice. Theaters located only in terminals 2 & 3 are equipped with movie theater chairs, large screen like a true theater.


The thing that many tourists like most about Changi Airport is the massage chairs scattered throughout the airport. Changi Airport is too large and to go around shopping and try the experiences mentioned above, it is impossible to avoid times of fatigue, not just sitting on a regular chair, but remember to sit in the massage chair, it will be much more comfortable and comfortable.

This massage chair is from OSIM, located throughout the airport to advertise this product, visitors can adjust the mode to suit themselves. Guests can comfortably indulge in the relaxing chairs and also get an indefinite massage. Visitors can also take a nap on these chairs.

Snooze Lounge Changi Airport

If you arrive in Singapore at night, and have to wait until morning to catch your next flight, head to Snooze Lounge to take a nap, rest and get ready for your next flight! It is quite quiet and there are couches so that visitors can lie down comfortably and easily take a nap to regain health.

Snooze Lounge is available in all 3 terminals. However, Snooze Lounge is exclusively for those with a connecting flight in the morning. For that reason, visitors may not be able to fully lie down from night to morning. Around 3am, there may be an airport staff coming to check your boarding pass. And the chairs at Snooze Lounge are usually occupied so finding a sleeping chair here is not really easy.

Children’s play area at Singapore airport

In addition, the terminals also have play rooms for families, especially for families with young children. These Family Zones have amenities such as babysitting rooms, diaper changing rooms, play areas, cartoons, and so on and clouds and clouds.

Entertainment Deck

The Entertainment Deck located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2 is an entertainment paradise, which is Xbox 360, Play station, Wii room, etc. This is also the floor with the cinema that we mentioned above. Make sure you get lost in the entrance here, you just want your flight to leave a little further to have enough time to “kick off” all the interesting games here.

Convenience store iShopChangi

Normally, you will have to take the time to go to the airport to shop at duty-free shops, travel while timing, which area is closest to your boarding gate to buy, however, to save time. time and more convenient for consumers, Changi Airport has website iShopChangi: This website brings together all items sold at Changi Airport from cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, technology products to food and luxury goods, all of which can be ordered on iShopChangi.

The gardens were surprisingly shimmering

Sunflower Garden: Located on the rooftop of Ternimal 2 is a brilliant yellow sunflower garden, guaranteed to be a perfect virtual living place for you to kill time waiting.

Orchid Garden: Gathering countless precious orchids, including Singapore’s national flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim. In the middle of the flower garden, there is a small stream with a lot of super cute and lovely koi fish. If you want to see this garden, it is very easy, just go to the Department Transit Lounge, Terminal 2 to see it.

Butterfly garden – Emergence Enclosure: located on the 2nd & 3rd floors of Departure transit lounge, Terminal 3 is home to more than 1000 kinds of butterflies and more than 30 different types of plants. Here you will feel like lost in the flying butterfly fairyland.

Admire the masterpieces of art at Terminal 4: This is not only a station but also a showcase of super beautiful and impressive art, along with creative Singapore cultural performances.

Changi Airport is the most comfortable airport in the world with many excellent and professional customer care services. The customer service staff can speak many languages ​​and are always enthusiastic to help passengers. If you have a chance to go to this airport, do not miss the services here. Do not forget to share with about your old itinerary

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