Ocean Flower Island – ‘Dubai of China’ is about to open


Ocean Flower Island – China’s largest artificial tourist island in the world, is expected to open to visitors from the end of this year.

Ocean Flower Island is located on the coast of Hainan province, the southernmost province of China, with an investment of more than 22.9 billion USD. The island is considered as “Dubai of China” built like Palm Island – Palm Island with a total area of up to 800 hectares, 1.5 times larger than the version in Dubai.

Perspective Ocean Flower Island – China’s soon to be opened island. Photo: SCMP

The island is designed like a giant flower blooming on the sea surface, concentrating a series of high-rise buildings with impressive natural ecosystems. It brings together more than 200 famous brands in the world and 12 Michelin star restaurants. Entertainment complex includes modern marine museums, movie theaters, 5-star hotel complex, duty-free shopping center, green park, water park and many other services. Ocean Flower Island is expected to be a new Chinese tourism, shopping and entertainment destination, attracting many visitors to visit and experience.

It is expected that the island can welcome about 10 million tourists per year.

Overview of artificial tourism island Ocean Flower. Video: SCMP

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