Dubai – The country of world records


Dubai’s luxury always makes the world amazed and admired by the unique architectural works created by human hands and brains. Let fly to Dubai – the country of world records to see firsthand the great artificial architecture below!

Palm Islands

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Dubai – a country of indispensable world records not to mention the Palm Islands consists of three artificial islands: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. Unified. People have to use up to 5 million m³ of rock and more than 100 million m³ of sand to build. Each settlement is in the shape of a palm tree surrounded by crescent-shaped arcs. There are about 60 luxury hotels, 4,000 luxury villas, more than 5,000 apartments and many restaurants, shopping and entertainment areas.

The World Islands

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Is an artificial archipelago with about 300 islands, big and small, built in the shape of a very unique and attractive world map. This is one of the artificial island projects being built in Dubai – the country of world records. The total construction cost of this great project is about 14 billion USD. To own an island in the artificial population, customers have to pay the amount of 15 – 50 million USD, even there are islands offering 250 million USD.

Burj Khalifa Tower

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With a height of nearly 830m, 163 floors, costing 20 billion USD, Buji Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, has become a new symbol of the United Arab Emirates. A wonderful combination between traditional Islamic and modern architecture has given birth to the Burj Khalifa steel tower created by three spindles arranged in a Y shape, creating a “shock” to the injustice. Anyone could see it from tens of miles away.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

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This is the only 7-star hotel in the world with a sail shape located on an artificial island on Jumeirah beach with construction costs up to 1.6 billion USD. Burj Al Arab is 321m high, includes 28 floors, 202 luxurious rooms, and excellent services. The cost per night is about 2,000 – 28,000 USD and each room is equipped with luxury items … Especially, there is a private waiter who is always ready to meet all your needs.

Dubai Marina Canal

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As the most famous man-made canal city in Dubai – a country of world records, it makes anyone coming here overwhelmed. With a total area of more than 5km2, expected to cost up to 10 billion USD, this will be home to about 120,000 people with full infrastructure such as a complex commercial center, hotels, bars, restaurants. , amusement parks…

Da Vinci revolving tower

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This is a dynamic architecture, consisting of 68 floors of towers with the design that each floor can be fully rotated within 90 minutes. This results in a constantly changing tower shape. The entire tower is powered by a turbine and solar panels, along with five other neighboring towers. The turbines will generate 1,200,000 kw / h of energy from the movement of the floors, and solar panels will be placed on the roof.

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