Top 8 dishes in Indonesia


Indonesian cuisine is full of dishes with its own unmistakable identity. Indonesian cuisine uses a slightly more flavorful flavor, but if you have tried it once, you may fall in love with the cuisine of this island. Discover special dishes to try when coming to Indonesia, and remember to record it for you to eat it all.

1. Nasi Goreng

The top of Indonesian specialties must be nasi goreng. Nasi means rice and goreng refers to roasted dishes. Thus, nasi goreng is no stranger to our fried rice / fried rice. This is a dish that is not too sublime but popular that everyone can cook.

Indonesian specialties – Nasi Goreng. @Collect

Looks like that but Indonesia’s fried rice – Nasi Goreng is extremely unique. The unmistakable difference is the rich seasoning, Indo people often cook many spices including chili, onion, garlic, tomato sauce. Indo fried rice is often fried with seafood (shrimp, squid), fried eggs, served with puff pastry. Also nasi goreng can also be processed with chicken, beef …

When eating, you will feel the rich, fresh taste of seafood and the spicy aroma characteristic of Indo chili. For many people who are not used to spicy food, Indo peppers will feel too strong, but if they get used to it, it will be indispensable. When traveling to Indonesia, you can almost find nasi goreng in all restaurants from high-class to affordable.

2. Rendang

Speaking easily, rendang is like a beef stock in Vietnam. The main ingredient of this dish is beef stew with coconut water and other spices. For rendang, the beef must be stewed to the point where it is really smooth, the broth must be thick, rich and strong. The first time you try rendang, you will probably be overwhelmed by the intensity of the dish. Try the second and third pieces to feel this is the best beef stew ever eaten in the world. Although rendang is not too visually appealing, it stimulates the sense of smell. The smell of beef is very strong, mixed with strong spices rushing into the nose. However, the beauty of this dish is extremely delicious, and served with white rice is really great.

Rendang beef is not eye-catching but delicious. @Friday Magazine

Beef Rendang is a popular Indonesian dish that can be found in all big and small restaurants. If you want to enjoy the most complete dish, you should try at the big restaurant because it uses fresh meat to ensure the taste will be more passionate.

3. Mie Goreng

Speaking of Indonesia, ignoring Indomie specialties is indeed flawed. Mie goreng is the familiar fried noodles. The popular mie goreng in Indonesia is fried seafood noodles. Just like nasi goreng, mie goreng has a rich, pungent flavor of chili.

Fried noodles mie goreng. @tempodoeloejava

This is a very popular dish in Indonesia, you can almost find it in every corner. Eating mie goreng in popular restaurants will be the standard of Indo people. If you eat in big restaurants, or near the sea, the difference is that you will feel the freshest seafood.

4. Satay

Satay is the meat skewers. Satay is famous enough to appear in every food show, travel magazine when it comes to Indonesian cuisine. Why is meat skewer so popular? If you try satay, you will understand immediately. What makes this dish special is the rich marinated meat and the accompanying sauces. Unlike meat skewers elsewhere, satay is slightly sweetened, served with peanut sauce or samba chili sauce could not be more perfect.

Satay – world famous dish. @rooftoptable

When you come to Indonesia, you will see samba chili sauce in many dishes. The miracle is that samba chili sauce goes well with any dish, the pungency of chili enhances the flavor of the dishes.

You can find satay everywhere. This is originally a street food, but satay is served in menus, meals of hotels, including the most luxurious hotels in Indonesia.

5. Pempek

Pempek is a street food, also known as fish cake. The pempek kernels consist of fish with the batter to be fried, the filling may also have a small egg. Serve with sauces like black sauce and chili. This simple dish is often sold on the street or in markets like a snack.

Street food pempek. @duniamasak

6. Bakso

One of Indonesia’s best street food, the bakso is a delicious meatballs soup. Meatballs are made from chicken, beef, pork, or even a combination of all three. Meatball soup served with small noodles, looks quite similar to beef noodle soup in Viet Nam.

Another street food of Indonesia but delicious free table. @bookmundi
You can find bakso everywhere. @Patrick Ogrady

Although it is a simple processed food, you can find it all over the streets of Indonesia. But the bakso is a delicious rustic dish to President Obama once said it is one of his favorite dishes in Indonesia!

7. Martabak

There have been many savory dishes now, sweet dishes. Martabak is a famous pastry in Indonesia, quite similar to a loaf of cake with filling inside. You can choose different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanila, cheese. However, there is a slight warning that the martabak is very sweet. Most Indo people often prefer rich flavors, even with sweet desserts.

Martabak pastries. @Asianfoodchannel

8. Babi Guling (Bali)

Babi Guling is a famous specialty in Bali. If you come to Bali, this is one of the dishes you cannot miss. Babi Guling is a roast suckling pork. Before baking, the pork is soaked in coconut water and spices like chili, garlic, turmeric and ginger give this dish a truly unique flavor. Delicious Babi Guling is deliciously fragrant, soft meat, absolutely not dry. Crunchy and fragrant pork skin is the most valuable part of the popular Babi Guling.

Babi Guling with rice, salad, spicy chili is delicious. @baliventuretours

Babi Guiling is best when served with rice. The rice is cooked with delicious coconut milk, served with samba chili sauce, some kinds of mashed vegetables, and some crispy pork skin. Only that, but in harmony with the pork, the dairy creates an outstanding dish.

How many Indonesian specialties have made you excited? So, plan a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia or Bali to make a culinary trip that is impeccable.

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