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See the tranquility of Ouchi-juku Village, Japan

Ouchi-juku Village attracts visitors thanks to its traditional thatched roof architecture in the Edo period and its nostalgic atmosphere. In particular, this place has been classified as an important traditional architectural preservation area of Japan. See the tranquility of Ouchi-juku Village, Japan Ouchi-juku village is where the Edo period (1603-1868) still remains. It is currently […]

Cambodia – Called Sea Paradise

Recently, the southwestern region of Cambodia with the beautiful coastal city of Sihanoukville, “forgotten paradise” – Koh Rong Samloem and Bokor Plateau are the favorite destinations of the tourist lovers. Convenient transportation, cheap cost, and especially the fresh blue sea scene that is not inferior to the Maldives, this place deserves to be a “dream” […]

Dubai – The country of world records

Dubai’s luxury always makes the world amazed and admired by the unique architectural works created by human hands and brains. Let fly to Dubai – the country of world records to see firsthand the great artificial architecture below! Palm Islands Dubai – a country of indispensable world records not to mention the Palm Islands consists […]

Tohoku region winter festival

Tohoku is located in the northeastern part of Japan, where not only has a poetic beauty, a rich source of hot mineral springs, but also is rich in traditional culture, characterized by unique festivals. Among them are the Aizu Erousoku festivals in Fukushima Prefecture, Namahage Sedo in Akita Prefecture or Hachinohe Enburi in Aomori Prefecture. […]

Behind the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden – Magic flower garden gives us a feeling of magic. In the arid desert, you suddenly find yourself lost, surrounded by more than 50 million colorful flowers. Each year, the flower garden is open from November to May next year. During the summer, the garden is closed for maintenance and preparation for […]

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