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Tips to buy crab, delicious crabs, lots of meat not everyone knows

Tips to buy crab, crabs delicious, how much meat is not all housewives know. So, immediately pocket the experience of choosing the best crabs, crabs, and meat sure to buy the fresh, delicious crabs for the family.

Choosing crab fat, firm, more meat

How to distinguish male and female crabs

The male crab is small (the triangle below the abdomen), the female is big.

How to choose a crab

View: See the color of silk skin (young skin) between the elbows (elbows) on the crabs. If the skin is red or dark pink, crabs have more meat. And you need to take a closer look: if a crab catches, then this skin is straight, that’s a fat crab. In contrast, old crabs will get sick due to long-lasting drooping, wrinkled skin.


Squeeze the bib: When you feel the crab, if you feel your hand is firm. On the contrary, you hear soft (fluttering), less crab meat (tang).

Squeeze the top of the swimming beam, bottom of the stick: Squeeze the hand, if you see the crabs struggling the whole stick, the better the crab is still good (delicious meat). In contrast, crabs are weak – about to die. Because before about 2 hours before death, the crab meat gradually – a lot of water (butcher).

Do not choose crab look more and more blue in tomorrow, pressing hands and bibs feel soft is a succulent crab, less meat, not delicious. If you buy a crab after finishing it, you have to take it a long way or preserve it long when the weather is hot, you have to choose a fresh one, look at the crab bibs still cling firmly to the body, legs and the more flexible rhythmic movement, the upper spikes. and their shells remain intact – they are healthier, easier to maintain.

How to choose a delicious crab

Sea crabs have many types: brick crabs, meat crabs, water crabs for you to choose according to your preferences or processing requirements of the dish. Brick and meat crabs are both delicious and very nutritious.

  • When choosing a crab, look outside to see the opaque gray crust, use your hand to press the crab’s bib to feel solid, the big bib is a meat-rich crab.
  • Do not choose crab sticks look more and look slightly green tomorrow, pressing your hand to feel soft is a succulent crab, spongy, less meat, not delicious.
  • You should choose a really fresh child, watching the bird still cling firmly to the body, legs and the more healthy, flexible movement, the upper spines and the crab are still sharp.
  • If you want to eat crab with lots of meat, choose male crab, if you want to eat crab with bricks, then choose female crab.

How to choose crab sure

Unlike crabs, the crabs have brick with a slightly yellowish color, the legs of the crabs when squeezed very solid, not soft. As for crab meat, when you press your hand close to the bib under the breast, near the oars if the depression is crab. If you are afraid to touch the crab, you just need to look at it, so choose a crab with red bibs, the new crab legs will have a stretch, not stretch.

There are many types of crab such as red crab, crab with three dots, green crab … but the delicious, meaty and nutritious one is the green one. Green crab with 3 dots on the shell is the best. This crab is not very large, but the meat is very firm and nutritious, so it will feel heavy-handed.

  • According to the experience of buying delicious crabs of fishermen, the time to buy delicious crabs depends on the water season. The last days of the month usually or early months is always a time of crab fat, firm meat. You should not buy in the middle of the month, this time the crabs are peeled, so the crabs are thin, less meat and do not eat well.
  • Should not choose children too large, moderate will be more meat and more delicious.
  • Choose those that are strong, with an adult’s hand, click on the non-subsidence bib.
  • If you like to eat crab meat, choose the male, you press your hand close to the bib (below the breast, near the paddle), if not concave, it is crab meat sure.
  • If you prefer to eat crab with bricks, then choose children. These are slightly yellowish in color, their legs are squeezed firmly rather than soft or slightly concave.
  • The male crab is overalls (the triangle below the abdomen) small, the female crabs are big.
  • Note the reproductive part of the crab: The female is big, semi-circle-shaped bibs, if she lays many crabs, she will not eat well. The reason is because the process of carrying eggs so many times that the bib is no longer tight, hugging tightly to the belly.
  • Males are smaller than females, when they choose males, they should be delicious.

Tip you tips

  • Freshly cooked crabs and crabs are still hot, you peel the bibs, shells, gills, stomach near the head (remember to retain water in crab shells because this water is very nutritious and delicious), remove bricks, shells of crabs, crabs slowly on the top to bottom is very easy because there is a brick membrane, peeled off the bricks will be off, break off the big joints, break the smaller lower joints, slowly pull the crab meat out.
  • After eating crab, crabs and eating snails, wash your hands with lemongrass or green tea, add a few slices of lemon juice, then smell all fishy.
  • Want to eat delicious crabs eat at the beginning or the end of the month, because according to popular experience, the crab shell cycle to grow will fast during this time should be thin and often tangled (less meat).
  • Do not buy crabs on the full moon day (the 15th lunar calendar) because this is the time when the crabs are peeled, fasting so they are easily tangled (less meat).

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