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These tricks help men stop snoring when sleeping

Snoring is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone who affects the quality of sleep. However, snoring is more common among men than women. To avoid the “noisy” noise caused by snoring, experts will point out the tricks to help gentlemen not to snore and minimize the possibility of sleep apnea.

The cause of snoring during sleep

Snoring is caused by many causes such as sleeping posture, drinking alcohol, smoking, allergies, sinusitis, nostrils smaller than normal …


According to statistics, men snore more than women. However, the rate of female snoring is more common in menopause.

Ways to reduce snoring during sleep

Lie on the side

When sleeping on the back, the tongue and the lower jaw will collapse, making the throat narrower and the breathing difficult, tending to be late, making your mouth open and snoring easily.

Advice: People with snoring should lie on their side to limit snoring.

Weight loss

Being overweight and obese makes your lungs and neck difficult to breathe, causing snoring.

Tips: Apply a scientific diet, exercise regularly to maintain body weight consistent with height. Avoid being overweight and obese.

Breathe through your nose, not breathing through your mouth

Breathing through your mouth often causes snoring, so try to breathe through your nose; if necessary, use a nasal spray to clean your airway before you go to bed.

Advice: See your doctor for sinusitis, cysts or other problems that can cause snoring to treat them.

Change bed sheets often, clean the bedroom

Allergy is one of the main causes of snoring, so it is important to clean your home, especially the bedroom.

Tips: Clean the bedroom daily. Vacuum and curtains, sheets … to ensure the bedroom is always clean and airy.

Do not eat too full and drink heavy alcohol before bed

Eating too much and drinking heavy alcohol before going to bed will relax the muscles of the throat, making snoring more likely.

Solution: Snack on dinner, do not drink heavy alcohol before bed.

After applying the above methods and the owner is still snoring, the final solution is to sleep in a separate room. Although this is the most extreme last resort, it is an effective method for those who sleep with. Also you will have more hours of sleep without being disturbed to others.

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