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The simple way to choose fresh and new chicken eggs

To choose fresh and new chicken eggs is not too difficult if you take the time to observe when buying.


You will notice carefully, new, good eggs often have a thin layer of white chalk. If the shell is too glossy, bright, or there is a feeling that there is a crack, the eggs are left in the nest for a long time, of poor quality.


You can also touch the eggshell, fresh eggs often feel a little rough and heavy hand. The opposite is a poor egg.

Light bulb

Holding a chicken egg through a light bulb, or using a rolled-up notebook or newspaper, illuminating the egg in sunlight, if the air chamber of the egg is small, the yolk is not moving, the transparent white is orange red and pink, the yolks are round and in the middle complete with fresh, fresh eggs. You can be completely assured of the eggs like this.

Old eggs are left for a long time when they are examined, they are often red in color with many veins, cell lines and chamber space when growing. It’s a bit picky, but you need to look and compare to choose to buy good eggs.


Hold the egg to the ear and gently shake it, if there is a sound, the egg is poor, for a long time. If you do not need to hear and shake, the egg is moving badly, the eggs are incomplete …



If possible, you can drop the eggs into the water bowl and observe, if you see the sharp tip of the egg down is a good egg, whereas the old egg. You can also test eggs with salt water. Mix salt water (100g / lit) and then drop the eggs if the eggs are old eggs, sink well as good eggs.

But this way is very difficult if you are trying to try at the market or at the store, because certainly the seller does not allow. So, when buying eggs you can distinguish based on the above.

– Distinguishing fake eggs: Smashing eggs to smell natural fishy smell is real eggs, if you see strange smells (sour, foul, chemicals), it’s fake eggs, old …

– Distinguish bleached chicken eggs: To sell eggs at a higher price, many vendors have used acetic acid (found in lemon, vinegar) to remove the color of industrial chicken eggs to resemble our own eggs. But just by observing and observing a little you will easily recognize:

Industrial chicken eggs are larger, weighing between 55 – 60g, while chicken eggs are smaller, weighing only about 45g.

Bleached chicken eggs are white, slightly pinkish, shaggy bark looks like white dust is covered, not shiny and too clean. While real eggs are natural white and may have stains on the shell.

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