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The causes of infertility in men

About 100 couples have 13-15 couples who cannot have children. More than 50% are male and this percentage is on the rise. So what are the causes of infertility in men?


Fragile hope

At the Nam Hoc Hospital and Hanoi Rarity Hospital, Mr. Pham Van Tr. (29 years old, living in Ha Dong district) and his wife, wondering why they have been married for more than a year, the couple did not use any “safe” measures but did not find good news.

The wife quietly went to the reproductive health examination, the doctor concluded everything was “still running well”. She tried to find more nutritious food to boost her husband but still had no children. The doctor said the amount of sperm in his sperm Tr. very few and weak, probably as a result of Mr. Tr. Tobacco addiction for many years.

Meanwhile, T.H.’s young wife. (31 years old, Bac Giang hometown) burst into tears when the doctor informed him that although he had minor surgery, he took sperm directly from the testes but the sperm still “escaped”. According to the doctors, Mr. T.H. childhood mumps causes infertility. After 3 years of unsuccessful treatment, now his wife can only get pregnant thanks to in-vitro fertilization from other people’s sperm.

Doctors specializing in male studies and infertility say that out of about 100 couples, 13-15 couples cannot have children. More than 50% are male and this percentage is on the rise. Pressure of work, change of living environment is also one of the reasons that are strongly affecting the “natural position” of the gentlemen.

Sauna easy to infertility

According to Prof. Dr. Tran Quan Anh, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Sexual Medicine, many gentlemen think that the issue of children is the fault of the wife. But when they encountered physiological problems, they went to check and tested to know they were infertile. The cause of this tragedy is erectile dysfunction, infection of the urogenital system, congenital abnormalities of chromosomes or disorders such as testes, testicles not descending into the scrotum, vas occlusion. … It can also be caused by alcoholism, smoking, radiation poisoning, varicose veins, genital failure ….

Dr.BS Vuong Van Ve, Director of the Hanoi Institute of Maltology and Sickness, said not only the decrease in number but many studies also found that sperm quality is declining. According to Dr. Ve, during the examination and follow-up of patients, the common male infertility cases originated from low sperm and poor movement.

“Not only men over 30 but even young men 18 and 20 when the results of semen results, the doctors must also be startled because the density of” sperm “is too low. If you let fertilize by the natural way, the hope of having a child will be extremely fragile ”- Dr. Ve worries.

Many reasons for men to fall into infertility are regular soaking in hot tubs, saunas, wearing tight pants, often putting computers on their laps … According to Dr. Ve, in average condition Normally, in an environment with a stable temperature of 33 – 35 ° C, the “seed” can develop well. If you take a bath in the water temperature is too high or sauna above 60 ° C will affect the survival of “sperm”.

This condition leads to weakened sperm, even premature death. “The health of this army will always be healthy if we live in cool temperatures. Therefore, gentlemen, especially those who do not have children, should not regularly soak in a hot tub and should wear wide underwear “- Dr. Ve advised.

In addition, stress, improper diet, alcohol, tobacco or drug use also contribute to the weakening of this “army.” Therefore, experts recommend that men should spend 15 – 30 minutes a day practicing sports, rest and relaxation; limiting the use of stimulants to always keep the image of a majestic beard. For couples who have not had a child after a year of marriage, they should see a doctor to find out the cause for early treatment.

“Sperm” is weak in the summer

A number of scientific studies in the world have shown that the number of male sperm varies between the time of day and the seasons.

The fall of sperm activity is strongest. Spring and winter the most sperm count. And in the summer, sperm activity is the worst, the number of unripe sperm is high, the quality is worse than in other seasons. Therefore, the ability to conceive in the summer will be inferior to other seasons of the year.

This also explains that sperm is produced better in cold weather. In particular, in the morning, his “army” is also more than the rest, because this is the time when the amount of hormones in the body increases to the highest.

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