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How to handle bone pain due to growth in children

Some children often complain of sore feet and legs after going to kindergarten, returning home from school (especially at night before going to bed), making parents very worried. However, after examination the doctors did not see any damage. The cause of bone pain in children may then be related to the growth of the body.

So, bone pain due to body growth is like? How to overcome bone pain due to growth in children?

Bone development in children

At birth, most of the baby’s skeleton is made up of cartilage (except for some parts of the head of the arms, hands, lower legs and feet are non-calcified cartilage – become bones). Cartilage continues to grow before the bone becomes so children grow up (this process occurs during adolescence until adulthood).

The development of long bones in children begins in the body behind the bones to the two bones (upper, lower). Between the bone body and the two ends of the bone, there are two thin separations with conjugate cartilage, so that the bone is gradually expanded as the child grows.

The number of bones at birth is 300 individual bones. As children grow, many bones connect to each other and 260 bones remain in adulthood.

Bone pain due to growth is like?

Because the body grows faster than the age (the skeletal and muscular systems do not grow at the same pace, the tendon ends, the bones are not sure).

Due to children being too active (running, jumping, playing …)

Due to lack of calcium …

Causes of bone pain due to children developing faster than age


Pain usually occurs in the muscles.

Pain in the front of the thigh, in the calf, behind the knee.

Children often have pain in the evening (after a day of activity).

The pain lasted for a few days, returning to it shortly.

Usually transient pain, not to the point of extreme pain ..

Between 4 and 10 years of age, children often develop bone pain.

Methods to limit disease

Restrict children to run and play, outrageous play.

Daily foot massage in the evening (after an active day).

Supplementing a complete menu of vitamins, especially calcium for children (ensure sufficient calcium needed during bone development in children) …

Treatments for diseases

When children have pain, they need to give them a rest (sometimes there are many children who need to lie motionless).

Give paracetamol low dose for a few days (taking medicine as directed by your doctor).

If the pain is recurring for a long time, it is necessary to take the child to get X-rays to avoid missing cartilage osteoarthritis (common in children aged 4 to 10 years).

Children from 10 to 15 years of age, if persistent pain in the knee can be a manifestation of tuberculosis tuberculosis before, usually causing damage to the patella …

When bone pain recurs again and again for a short time (6 weeks), it is necessary to take the child to a specialist in osteoarthritis for examination and treatment instruction.

Note: the doctor will advise parents how to treat when a child has growth bone pain depending on the condition of each child.



Osteoarthritis in children is a fairly common condition, the cause of illness due to children growing faster than their age (common in children aged 4-10 years). In these children, the skeletal and muscular systems do not develop in the same rhythm, the clingy heads, the bones are not sure, on the other hand because the child is active so causing pain …

In addition, osteoarthritis in children is also a manifestation of many diseases: acute arthritis caused by bacteria, tuberculosis, after trauma, immune disorders … So, when children often complain of foot pain, fatigue legs, aches and pains … parents need to take their children to the doctor to be examined, to identify the right disease. In addition, it should be noted that adequate supplements of vitamins, nutrients, especially calcium, during the development of the child.

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