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How should rheumatoid arthritis people function?

Rheumatoid arthritis (VKDT) is a common disease, especially in the elderly, women have more than men. This is the leading cause of arthritis, disability, motor inactivity and increased risk of death among the elderly. Therefore, in addition to drug treatment, patients need to have a reasonable living and working regime to improve disease status, better adapt to daily life.


The movements to avoid and the actions to be taken when VKDT

The first priority is convenience.

Harmful movements to the joints should be avoided and replaced with movements that preserve joints.

Avoid some pawns (even if they can be done easily) because they can deform your hands in the long run.

How should rheumatoid arthritis people function?

Patients should have a reasonable daily living regime

Patients should strive to maintain their daily functioning by changing their surroundings more appropriately to reduce their own efforts. It is best to use technical help. These are tools to help patients with daily activities such as hygiene, dressing, housekeeping and careers.

Careful selection of household appliances or faucets will make cleaning the house easier.

Patients also need to purchase additional simple kitchen utensils to help avoid excess movements such as opening electronic corks or pulling springs.

In VKDT, the foot is often injured, so it is necessary to choose appropriate shoes as well as proper care to avoid irritating the skin of the feet. Choose soft, lightweight leather shoes, for example, round toe shoes, avoiding the upper stitches. The heel of the shoe is about 3cm high, in some cases it is necessary to put the shoe separately for the toes to be deformed. There are also heat-resistant orthopedic shoes suitable for all types of joint deformities. Orthopedic shoes should be worn at the beginning of the illness. A rehabilitation specialist will help patients use appropriate tools and manipulations.

Exercise, sports, and proper labor help maintain joint mobility and flexibility

If pain occurs when exercising, don’t be discouraged. Patients only need to bring help and change some movements to be able to continue to work. You can do static exercises, which means that you only need to do muscle resistance training instead of exercise, or do short exercise at home. Hand exercises help maintain flexibility in the wrists and wrists.

Leg exercises help you stand and walk better. Patients should maintain adequate physical activity and continue with daily activities, but unnecessary activities should be avoided. Patients often need to walk, bike, swim according to their ability. If you exercise, you should continue. Absolutely not affect spine when neck pain because the spinal damage can be worse after this procedure and there are complications such as stroke, neurological sequelae irreversible.

In addition, labor is also a method of treating OA using movements. Patients should know how to use support equipment, adaptive ways to do well the daily activities, and preserve damaged joints. Joint saving is a therapy that makes it easy for patients to perform housekeeping, professional activities and leisure breaks with appropriate technical assistance.

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