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Causes and signs of testosterone deficiency in men

Testosteron is a hormone specific to masculinity and essential to express the vital functions, reproductive functions of men. However, the proportion of men with natural testosterone deficiency is increasing. So, what is the cause and how to identify men with testosterone deficiency.


Testosteron deficiency in men usually appears after the age of 40, however, this condition can appear at an early age due to many different reasons, mainly related to the lifestyle of modern society and Health care habits are not good. This hormone deficiency is caused by many factors such as:

– Old age

– Testicular diseases: Birth defects (testicular ectopic)

– Diem

– Accident

– Life style

While the menopause of women has been concerned by medicine and women for decades, this phenomenon in men has not been studied significantly. When menopause occurs, women are often uncomfortable, insecure and always go to the doctors for treatment, but what about men? Testosteron decline in men is gradual and for a long time they have accepted it as a fact that they do not think it is possible to supplement testosterone to improve the quality of life and sex life. So what to do to know the deficiency of testosterone in men.

Diagnosis of signs of testosteron deficiency

When the diseases of the pituitary gland, testes, body fatigue, decreased libido, mood and emotions also change, the decrease in muscle mass and muscle strength due to muscle tissue atrophy and increased fat tissue, bone density and osteoporosis appear, there are also hot flashes, stress, depression, but these symptoms are not as pronounced as in women, the gentlemen need to be aware of this decline and See your doctor for a test of your testosterone level.

Want to determine testosterone levels should be tested in the morning because the hormone fluctuates throughout the day and is highest in the morning. In the morning, when the body moves from sleepy state to active state, cortisol levels rise (the hormone that regulates the waking state and sleep, secreted by the adrenal glands) and in men testosterone levels increase. to 30% at around 9 – 10 hours. If the concentration is low in the afternoon, it is difficult to determine if there is a deficiency. It is important to determine the concentration of available testosterone.

When is testosterone supplementation for men?

Testosterone supplement for men is really necessary when having the above symptoms. Testosterone supplements can make the aforementioned symptoms stop and restore quality of life for older men.

However, before you intend to take testosterone supplements, you should do some tests to know your true testosterone level and pay attention to the side effects of this supplement such as making the disease hypertrophy healed. enlarged prostate or more severe prostate cancer. Any form of testosterone that can be used for a long time can cause breast enlargement, patients with preexisting heart disease, kidney or liver disease, men with breast cancer or suspected prostate cancer should not receive therapy. Testosterone supplements. Therefore, testosterone supplementation is very necessary with a doctor’s prescription.

Although there are still many men who do not want to see a physician, many men now find testosterone supplements work well, helping to improve the changes that occur after age 40.

There are 4 forms of testosterone recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the form of testosterone undecanoate, intramuscular depo-testosterone, delatestryl paste, and gel applied to the skin. It is important to respect the prescription of a physician to avoid unwanted side effects. Testosterone in natural products are foods such as animal genitalia, seafood, vegetables, etc.

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