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8 foods that are super good at staying in shape

The cold winter makes you feel like you need to eat more and your weight keeps growing uncontrollably. Please satisfy your stomach but choose the following foods.



A cool dipping sauce made from high-protein, calcium-rich Greek yogurt as well as cucumbers, dill, garlic and lemon, tzaziki is a healthier choice than all sour and mayo creams can. tempting you in barbecue. Serve it as a refreshing sauce for grilled meats and vegetables, or combine with crudités, whole grain biscuits or whole wheat pita bread for a snack.



Along with watermelon and blueberries, peaches are an quintessential fruit. This juicy fruit makes for an easy and healthy snack, and its high water content will help slim your waist while helping you retain water. They contain antioxidant vitamin C, which is important for maintaining healthy skin. They are also rich in fiber, helping to defeat bloating. It may be advisable to bake your peaches, so that you eat less of the higher calorie-dense baking options. “It’s only about 50 calories per peach.”

Iced tea


The most friendly drink is freshly brewed tea. Not only will tea hydrate you and help stave off your appetite, some types (like green tea) can even boost your metabolism and aid weight loss. Try green tea instead of coffee in the morning and pour a cup of chamomile or mint tea in the evening to distract you from snacking. Taub-Dix says, or jazz things by keeping a pitcher of tea in the fridge with a pitcher of fresh juice and cut fruit.



Despite being starchy, corn is a high-fiber, low-calorie food. Using intact corn kernels while I bake corn, enhances its delicate flavor. You don’t really have to add anything to the spice, although my child likes to sprinkle a little chipotle powder. If you like the butter melted with your sweet corn, use a brush to spread the butter in the least amount.

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