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7 surprising things that lemons bring

You know that lemon adds a delicious dish from salad to cocktail. But lemons also have some unexpected uses, too. Here are seven ways this handy fruit can solve awkward situations in the kitchen.

1. Lemon juice prevents your fruits and vegetables from turning brown

A few squeezes of juice can do wonders for peeled butter, apples, bananas and potatoes, as lemon juice is only acidic enough to prevent oxidation from turning brown. Try this tip the next time you prepare a meal ahead of time or when you lay out a plate of freshly sliced fruit.

2. Lemon juice helps you avoid sticky rice

Have a problem with cooking rice? Adding a few drops of lemon juice to your cooking water will help keep the rice from sticking together.

3. Lemon zest keeps the brown sugar soft – and saves you


Fruit juice is not the only useful part of lemons; Its super moist skin and taste can also work wonders in the kitchen. Add a slice of lemon zest (with the pulp removed completely) to your brown sugar box to keep it from clumping and hardening. This way, you won’t have to do any sifting the next time you make a Peanut Butter Cookie.

4. Lemon juice makes your lettuce more crispy.

No need to throw that lettuce! A little lemon juice and water can help refresh your leaves. To brittle limp leaves, soak them in a bowl of cold water and a glass of lemonade, then refrigerate for about an hour. The leaves will revive and ready to eat. See this tip in practice when you make our healthy multi-layered Vegetable Salad.

5. Lemon juice helps you cook the perfect boiled egg

Even if you have mastered fully boiled eggs, try beating the eggshell with lemon juice before adding them to the pot for a little extra coverage. Lemon juice helps prevent cracks from cracking when cooking, and it also makes them easier to peel once they are ready to eat. Try this technique before you enjoy the next boiled egg.

6. Lemon juice softens meat and makes it taste better

Lemon juice is an excellent meat tenderizer; The acidity gently breaks down the protein fibers in the meat, making it supple. Taste the difference when you make Steak with lemon mushroom sauce.

7. Lemon juice enhances the taste of your food – No added salt

A little lemon can completely transform a meal, brighten up more ice cream dishes and balance the flavors in seafood. It also provides an excellent sodium substitute for salt, Lawrence said. This is perfect for people with high blood pressure and anyone who wants to cook healthier dishes without losing flavor. Squeeze lemon over grilled Mediterranean fish or our grilled steak and asparagus with Feta cream sauce.

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